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Subject: marriage immigration
If i am a Canadian citizen ( immigrant ) and i marry my present boyfriend English, will he have to take a medical before he is accepted as my husband and what if he failed?
Jenny Rogers
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there is a lot more involved than a medical exam before your husband is accepted as a resident into Canada.

In terms of marriage requirements- I think every province has different requirements. your best bet would be to google your province and vital statistics to find what is needed.

If you want your boyfriend/husband to legally live in Canada with you there is a sponsorship process that must take place. if you look at the CIC website under immigration- family class, you can get a sense of the process.

good luck

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Thankyou Sharon ( merry xmas ), we had been together years but parted and had recently got together again, but i have just started to immigrate to Saskatchewan and i am told it takes just 8 months ( i hope ).

He would qualify as a skilled person if he had a job offer but would certainly on the self/employed scheme and before when we talked about it he was always dubious about passing a medical ( because of accident ) on this scheme and i wondered if it would be easier the other way ( marriage ) when/if i am accepted.

Just a question which has been going around our heads thats all and then wondered what would happen to someone if their new spouse didnt pass a medical

Jenny Rogers
Sharon... (in reply to: marriage immigration)
Sharon: Are you still around??? Why don´t you do something more productive with your free time.
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why don´t people grow up and stay off threads if you don´t have anything more helpful or informative to say "BUTHO".

Sharon is right Jenny. There is much more to the process. have you been to There you can look at the sponsorship requirements as well as the skilled worker requirements for him.

Hope this helps, and take care!

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Sharon is very productive...she helps people...that is more than we can say about you!
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Thanyou for your help everybody.

I dont know what problem that person/thing has with Sharon helping people with questions to do with the rest of their lives but i suggest the person/thing gets a life, far away from us. Try immigration to Mars or somewhere Butho/Dumbo.!

Jenny Rogers

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