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Subject: Question on BDEC in CAIPS
  I am in receipt of my CAIPS report. I have a question regarding BDEC, the security decision. It is showing BDEC dd-mm-yyyy, and I don´t see any 1 or 0 before that. Obviously it means that it is not complete yet and it started more than 7 months ago.

My assumption is, it will become 1 or 0 or whatever only when the immigration officer in-charge of my file reviews the results, is that right or even if the miigration officer sees or not the result would be entered? Thanks for the reply.

Also my medical results shows it is assessed and reviewed and M01 is the result, yet in the MEDDEC it is still 0 because only during my BF´D it will be entered 1 after the immigration officer reviews that result and enters.

Please let me know.

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WHATS YOUR TIME? we have the same case, I have the same exp as you.

I applied June 2004, did medicals etc etc in March 2005

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Same for me also
Applied in May 2004 Med ect in 2005

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