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Subject: Sydney processing time
Has anyone applied for residence at Sydney office?
How long does it take?

hi (in reply to: Sydney processing time)
dear friend,
sydney was very fast till may 2004. but it is getting one of the slowest in processing amongst all CIC offices. some applicants who applied after may 2004 got a letter recently after 1 yr waiting that there is significant delay and it will take another 24 months more. so it is taking more than 3 yrs now and if you are a non resident it is bound go further since they send all the documents to your home country CIC. which is your home country friend?

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i applied in january 05 under the skilled worker visa and they said 18-24 months, whilst at the same time the CIC site said 9-13 months. i asked them in july and they said 12 months, then got a letter in october saying at least 24 months. confused? i am. in the end, we have taken a job in the USA whilst we wait for CIC to process our application.
hi james (in reply to: Sydney processing time)
what is your occupation? I suggest you apply in Buffalo . Eventhough Buffalo receives lot of application the I think the CIC staff number is huge there and i have heard people getting IA in less than 6 months.

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Buffalo is 18 to 24 months.

Your citizenship/residency status resticts you to where you can apply.

(in reply to: Sydney processing time)
just stay in the USA ( land of real opprtunities) and forget about canada....... Mate
(in reply to: Sydney processing time)
i am a dual us-aussie citizen, and can´t stand living in the usa. land of opportunity maybe if money is the prime objective, but as far as quality of life, nice people who know how to use an atlas and open mindedness ....canada is far superior. i lived there for 2 years. australia is like a mini-us, it has it´s good and bad sides, but nothing like west coast canada.

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