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Subject: first time Landing in Canada
How much luggage one can take to Canada arriving first time as an immigrant. Are there any restrictions from airlines. I have heard that one can take as much luggage as he wants, provided he is landing first time after getting immigrant visa.

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What about the airlines limitations?
Usually, the max luggage allowed is marked on the ticket itself.

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yes, its written and 2 suitcases each of 32 kg´s. But I want to know if someone is going to Canada first time to settle there as an immigrant, is there any luggage limit then?
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Two things.
One- how much will the airline let you carry and

2 how much luggage can you take.

For the luggage that you are taking with you you need to check with the airlines as all of them have different rules. If you have a lot of stuff, you an always send it by air freight.

There is no luggage limit for immigrants. You can take as much as you want as an immigrant. Just sort out how it will reach Canada.

All the best.

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Is there any limitation on what you can take if you are driving to canada from the US as a worker (not immigrant)?
what about the Car, can we conviniently take the US car?

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you can drive over with as much stuff as you want as a first time settling immigrant. airlines will charge you extra per piece (if they allow more)

Take care!

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Put all the things you do not need right away and send it over to your friends via surface mail. That´s the cheapest way and reaches all parts of the world in about 6 weeks. It´s probably not worth to move a lot of stuff air freight as some suggested. Do you really need your dining room table weighing 200lbs to be sent via air?

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