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Subject: Ever lasting processing throgh London
  Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all

I wonder if anyone else experienced the same, I applied as skilled worker through a law firm in 2002 through London, after a year or so the lawyer told me that CIC made a mistake by putting my wife as principal applicant instead of me being the principal applicant, we wrote to them, they did corrected it, in 2004 the following was mentioned on my e-Client status (We started processing your application on September 17, 2004.
Interview scheduled for November 29, 2004)
Attended the Interview the immigration officer was very nice and told us at the end of the Interview that (we should have no problem, but make sure you bring this amount of money with you to Canada) referring to my bank statement and end of service benefits certificate form my current company.
In 24 Aug 2005 we received our medical paper along with a request to pay RPRF, We did the required in addition to a letter requesting to change of address and sent them all through DHL to the CIC London, yet my e-CLIENT status show the same status without any response from them.
Your valuable comments are very much appreciated

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AFAIK, e-CLIENT is not often updated (at least in my case).
I would advice you to write an email to them genlty asking an Officer to tell you what the status of your application is.

oh, and another advice:

you are almost there!


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Yes u can´t trust on ecas. One of my friend has moved to canada and ecas still showing "IN PROCESS" in my case also I have same timeline as u but still it is showing in process and even they are not replying my e-mails.


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I still think that requesting info via email won´t hurt:)

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can you please mention your background check time, and would you please share your conutry of origion as I only wanted to see that how long bG check takes time country to country. I have recently applied from CIC Lodon.
Good luck

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