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Subject: To Romantic Warrior...From Sanrup

It looks like the maximum limit of posts have reached for the thread "Is this true or not???"

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Thank yo Sanrup, hope one day soon before they change the pass mark, I could get the PR and find my way to Canada. Do u think that if it is raised beyond my score, my case will be jeopardaised?

Well, your question is under the great debate. AS PER MY INTERPRETATION, if any change comes to the effect before visa issuance then the new point system applies to the file.

Do not stress much (I know it is easy to say, hard to follow), that is the only way to avoid anxiety.

Good luck.

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Yes, I have noticed that too that max number of posts is 10 or 11.

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Nothing to say only very grateful 2 u Sanrup and wish all the members best luck, praying for hold of the pass mark.

Best ragards,

Romantic Warrior
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