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Subject: my wife is pregnant
Hi everybody
I have passed through the interview and I have got the medical forms. My wife is about 3 months pregnant now. What we have to do with our medical examinations?
Thanks in advance.

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As far as I understand, you can´t do the X-Ray when your wife is pregnant, so you have no choice put wait till after the delivery, but in this case you need to inform the Visa office about this dely.

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Get your medical done and send all the documents, if any, that the visa officer asked you to send (Police clearance etc.). Write a letter to the visa officer explaining your wife´s condition and that you can not get her medical done now.

Your file will be put on hold till your baby is born and then you will have to fill in the appropriate forms to include the baby to your PR application. Your baby and wife will then get their medical done. After the documents and medical reach the visa officer a decision will be taken and you will get passport request (if everything is Ok).

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Rightly said, Anonymous. Exactly this is what happens...
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I think if u undergo medical examination alone, it may expire by the time your wife and baby are ready for medical.

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