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Subject: What's next for me?
I´ve been reading the posts on this forum quite a bit to get some clue as to what´s normal in this process and what´s not. I´m a Nigerian living in the US and applying through the Buffalo office. I applied through Campbell Cohen (attorney)and barely made the required 67 points since I´m a recent college grad with little work experience. Anyways, with the lawyer´s help, we were able to scrape up 68 points from here and there and I applied in July 2004. Here´s my timeline.

Applied 7/04
AOR: 8/04
IA 3/05 (Request for IELTS and TEF)
Sent Test results: 7/05
and.....nothing since.

The wait is probably normal (or according to the immigration attorney, I have nothing to worry about...yet), but like everyone going through this process, I´m sooo anxious and trying not to read too much into anything. Did anyone else have similar doc requests from their IA i´e. both IELTS and TEF tests and how long did they have to wait for the next step? What´s the next step? Is a long wait indicative of application success or failure? What´s the average processing time these days for Buffalo? This not knowing stuff is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why don´t you get your CAIPS?
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dont worry my friend, this is the time to wait and nothing else. They might ask u for a personal interview or waive the requirement. Along with either of above mentioned conditions you will receive your medical forms......good luck

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