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Subject: In-Canada Applicants-Any progress
Hi guys,
new year has arrived but with no news of PPR as of yet.So do you guys really feel that somebody will get PPR in january or more screwing is there for in-canada applicants??????? I feel the later strongly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey boss,

no news yet, tho I did request my FOSS notes and am eagerly awaiting them to see if I can find out anything new. I´m hoping it will be here within the next two weeks.

I´ve heard one passport request getting received sometime last week actually for an in-canada applicant. When did you apply? I´m hoping for some news before June...

take care!

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let´s allow 10 days from the end of Dec. it usaually takes 10 days for a mail from US to Canada.
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I thought it takes 2 weeks for mail normally


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