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Subject: Work Permit & PR
I came to Canada in 2003, to attend a college program. I graduated in 2004 and had a post-grad work permit till Early 2005. Since then, I have been here on a visitors extn.
I did not apply for PR then, (in Hindsight, I should have, but then again everything is 20/20 in hindsight)
Right now, I need to go home to India urgently for personal reasons. My lawyer has advised me that I should apply for a work permit (with HRDC approval) and thereafter apply for my PR.
Now, I am yet to get a full time job offer so I can apply for a Workpermit. And I havent applied for PR either.
Incase I do not get a job offer soon, and I go back to India, will they give me a visa to come to Canada and look for work and/or apply for PR?
I am very lost and uncertain about the whole procedure.
What are the chances of getting a work permit and getting HRDC approval? Has anyone done that recently?
Please do let me know as soon as possible....
THank you

To AJ (in reply to: Work Permit & PR)
I don´t want to scare you buddy! But mine was same situation...Grad student..then work permit..then got expired...also could not get HRDC approval...its damn tough out of 10000 gets that...but i had not complted my degree when i applied for work i m now on student´s visa...also waiting for pR to get shortly.

now if you leave the would be really difficult for u to get in here unless ur visitor´s visa is a long time one (say more than 1 yr)...cauz u got no solid reason for ur come be really careful. When ur visitor´s visa expiring?

Best luck.


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hey aj,

don,t scared to much,mine was also the same situation as urs ,I did my pg degree and got HRDSC approval and now i waiting for call for pr.

what should i recommed in ur case if you qualify for the pr application just simply do it,without the lawyer.dont wait for the hrdsc cause it will take little bit time and money too.once you got ur file no. then side by side apply for hrdc approval,once u got approval just update ur file that sit.

If you have a genuine offer nobody can rejected.same as in my case.

as far as consert ur visa,just extend ur visa by taking admission in somekinda college.

need any help let me know.


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Thanks Sandeep and George for ur replies,
I am also in a hurry to go home like I said for personal reasons, its not urgent, but I should go home within the next one month at some point. At present I do not have a multiple entry visa, so if I go home, I won´t be able to come back.
I was just wondering if I will get a visa to come back to Canada if I went back to India for a few weeks.

same........ (in reply to: Work Permit & PR)
hi guys...
i m new over here...and read ur cases..
i haev gone thru something very similar... came ona student visa... got a post grad work permit, as i havea job in my field, and am working there full time.
i applied for PR form Buffalo in Feb 2005.
the online thing shows its processing.
i dont knwo when it will materialise.
i dont knwo what to do if my current work permit expires before i get my PR.
George, can u please tell me how to get another student visa and extend my stay..??

any input from anyone is welcome.
is is ok to email Buffalo office enquiring about my status and asking them to expedite it ???

you can email me at mails4sagar at yahoo dot com

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hey guys

dont panic too much..i am in toronto so i know about toronto..

in every province there are some private colleges,just talk to them they take some fee and get u extended.

othet option is just simply get admission in some kinda college,get offer letter ,send all the document and hopefully you guys get extension and after that refund ur money in 30days..ur work is done that sit..

all do like this but this methood is only for one time extension that sit.

so be carefull.....


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