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Subject: extension ?
  Hi guys,

has anyone of you extended her/his stay (on visitor visa) after your study permit expires AND without graduating? what are the tricks to do it,if any?
Which colleges/universities are easy to get into in case the extention doesn´t work,so that i can get another study permit?
thanks for any helpful advice


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Boki there is no tricks in immigration in the world today specially in USA and Canada. Please be positive. Remove the word trick from the dictionary of immigration. Follow my advice, you will win-there is no short cut. You have to go into a college/ university and enroll as student to do the extension. For finding a college please visit the following link: http://www.uwaterloo.ca/canu/
Thanks and goodluck.

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hey boki,tell whats ur location and i think i can help u.
give me ur email address too.

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help in the forum,so that all can have benefit of it in future
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So you can understand who George is. I said no more trick man. Start straight. You are also smart as I see from not giving your personal data after George;s request. If he would helf he would do it in the forum by now. Good and wish you a very good luck.
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