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Subject: Permanent Resident Application

i have a couple of questions. I am a US citizen being sponsored by my Canadian citizen spouse. Our application was filed December 1, 2005. My Canadian immigration lawyers filed application in Missisauga, the medical exam went to Ottawa and I have yet to receive police clearance (filed in early November 2005). And I am hearing that Buffalo processes this? I am confused: who does what? How long will it take to receive my visa? Anyone know? I currently live and reside in Washington, DC.

Thanks for any help!

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As a US Citizen and canadian spouse, you can move to canada without any temporary visa. once you are in canada you can apply in Missisauga, it´s a lot faster.
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i heard the opposite is true. outside canada is faster
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I am a skilled worker applicant so I only have very very little knowledge but from what I have been reading, outside canada is faster plus if you will apply in-canada you will not be allowed to work...the only negative side to the outside canada is you are not together which is a huge negative factor.

Yes, Buffalo will process your application since you are outside Canada. Your file number will come from them I believe. Here´s hoping somebody here will give you more clarifications....good luck to you.

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I would strongly recommend you to apply from abroad.
Your spouse may stay with you in the US while your application is in process.

Applying from outside of Canada is faster and safer, if your application is refused for any reason you may appeal the decision of the Immigration officer.
If you are in Canada you have no right to appeal any refusal and you will ordered to leave Canada.

Your lawyer is sending your application for Permanent Residence along with the sponsorship application to Ontario which is absolutly right.
The sponsorship once is approved in Missis.Ontario CIC will forward your PR application to the local Visa office in the US for further procesing.


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