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Subject: ROLF Question
Hello all,

I had sent my medicals in Aug 2005 but had NOT paid ROLF since then I kept waiting until I decided to email Buffalo embassy on my PR status.

I have received back email from embassy which states that I need to pay ROLF within next 30 days.

Was I supposed to pay ROLF along with medicals?? Will it have an bad effect on my PR for delay??

How many days will it take after I pay this ROLF (just a guestimate)

Thank you in advance
Time Line

Appl Sept 2004
AOR Dec 2004
IA June 2005
Medicals June 2005
Doc sent Aug 2005

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of course it will delay your process. but sometimes ROLF can include in PPR
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It´s better do´t wait send your ROLF immediately. They need to cash it too. So why to wait. It´s also refundable. Just send it today by overnight mail. You have good luck friend.
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