PP request letter-Jan10,2006 continued,

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Subject: PP request letter-Jan10,2006 continued,
  hi mountains,
Thanks for the wishes. I got only one CAIPS till now sometimes in november. After that i did not bother since there was no number in my background check (similar to yours), but just the date it was
initiated.So i know once they complete that , these guys will do something. there is no point in getting CAIPS again and again,as it was clear that only background check is pending.
Secondly there was no chance in status of "My e-client".It still says in process.
Thirdly in one of karajito´s posts deep down below, there is an in-canada student who applied in august 2005, AOR december 2004 got his PPR today.I have asked him to open a seperate thread and post this message, so that it serves as encouragement for all students in canada.So let me hope that this will all end by the end of this month.
with wishes

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hey Boss, sorry to bother you again. When did you get your CAIPS? Was that before October last?


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yeah something like that. Just my bacground declaration was pending like you. I hope it arrives by the end of this month.
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