PPR next round.....when?

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Subject: PPR next round.....when?
  Currently early 2006 club members are enjoying their PPRs...congrats!
I can see most the early 2006´s medical was done druing May/05 - Sept/05. Just curious about when is the next batch of PPR notification from Buffalo....

p.s. I completed my medical and add. docs in Nov/05, which is only one month till now. Anyone in the same boat and expecting PPR in middle 2006?

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I saw one post where he got PRR just 2 months after IA..
good luck man.. we are still waiting for IA here

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i completeed my medicals in august 2005 and waiting for my background check to be completeed......u have to wait for another 2 months may be....i hope not more than that...good luck

PPR next round.....when? (in reply to: PPR next round.....when?)
I also underwent medical in Nov, 2005 last week. Waiting for PPR. Till now no change in ecas either!!


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I am with you
medicals done in mid Nov ;W-2 send in December in my Caips notes was BFD Jan 02 2006 !

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Wow, that´s fast Anna... I requested for CAIPS but haven´t got it yet. Hope my BFD is similiar as yours.
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