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Subject: Stamping question please help
  i received my ppr from buffalo on jan 3rd.i cannot to go in person for stamping.can my friend be my representative and get it done.i dont want to mail the passport.When i applied I did it myself without any representative but can i use one now for stamping. In the PPR it says a representative can get an authorisation letter and get the stamping done. does that mean a lawyer or ....anybody whom I authorize.
Please help.I have to get this done by 15th jan
Thank you all in advance

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Please get advise from Buffalo Office and call the visa officer. And that is the smart idea.
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do it yourself dear, after a long long wait now there is a time to give yourself a little more trouble for the last time. Go and get it stamped by yourself.......
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I had a friend of mine go to Buffalo and pick up my passport with the work visa, which should be the same thing. Fill out the Use of Representative form and make sure you indicate your file number and sign it.

- Max

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Hi steve
I understand what u want to say but I myself want to do this but my US visa expires on jan15 and I have to leave before that and I have so much to do in such a short notice.I am overwhelmed.i called cic and they said I can sedn my friend with the auth.letter .

thank yous steve and freedom for ur valuable time
I´ll update on 12th after getting stamped

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good luck........and keep smiling

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Hi, @smile2005 , i am also thinking to send my uncle as my Representative. Did u send your friend as your rep, can you share the experience ? was it all OK ? or its not safe to send any representative ?
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