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Subject: Landing Question
Got our PP Request today. The question I have is

(1) Is it necessary to land with the spouse or can I land first and she can land afterwards ?

(2) If I land by myself, will my PR card not be sent until my wife lands also ?

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If you are the principal applicant then it´s OK I think. But always ask CIC. Email them asking them. That will be the smart way of doing.
Thanks. Good Luck.

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PR card willbe send to the Canadian address you provide during the time of landing whether with spouse or alone if you are the principal applicant. Later on your spouse will get her´s after her landing as per her given address.

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Principal applicant has to be the first person to land. Dependents may or may not land with the principal applicant. However, everybody has to land on or before the date of expiry of the immigration visa.

The PR card will be sent out for only those persons who apply for it. It is irrelevant whether all the persons mentioned on the application have landed or not.

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As the principal applicant I took the lead and just landed. I think it has been a wise decision. I also applied for my PR Card and received it without any problem. My family will be joining me next month. I am making feverish preparations to welcome them. So don´t get worried if you take the lead.
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When do I have to land in Canada after visa stamp in New York?

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