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Is there any specifications for the PPR photos? or is it just the regular passport photos?
Please advice.


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The below is a quote from CHC London reqeust for PPR:

The photographs must:
show a full front view of the perosn´s head and shoulders showing full face centred in the middle of the photograph.
have a plan white back ground
be produced on signle weight matte paper

between 25mm and 35mm (1" and 1 3/8") form chin to crown
have a 35 mm x 45 mm ( 1 3/8" x 1 3/4") finished size


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On December 14th, 2005 I received PPR from Detroit with these requirements:
-DIMENSIONS-35mm x 45mm (1 3/8" x 1 3/4") finished size.Show full front view of the person´s head and shoulders showing full face centred in the middle of photo.Face must measure between 25mm and 35mm (1" and 1 3/8") from shin to crown.
-BACKGROUND-clear,well-defined and taken against a plain white background without shadows
-COLOUR-black and white,or colour
-CONDITION-no creases or staple holes should mar the face of person.Facial features should be visible
-AGE OF PHOTO-Within 6months.Bear the date the photo was taken(not the date the photo was printed)directly on the back of the print(stick-on labels are not acceptable)
-PHOTO PAPER-1.Produced from the same unretouched film or from the same file capturing the digital image or from two identical photos exposed simultaneously by a split-image or multi-lens camera.2.On photographic paper that has a backing which accepts and retains the date without smearing.Photos without this backing are not acceptable.3.On prints that are well-fixed and washed to prevent fading and discolouration
-IMPORTANT-must be original photo(not taken from any existing photo)

We sent them ours and yesterday we received passports with visas,so they were ok:)Just go to a photographer with this instruction and they will know what to do.Size of photos and face on photos is most important.


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