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Subject: Regarding RCMP
  dear friends

My question is regarding rcmp, that i can do rcmp without the call of immigration as just got my file no so i am thinking to do rcmp now cause it will take months to do.

have anybody done like that..let me know..

if it can be done now then,where should i go and what documents i have to take with me..


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From my experience, you actually have to wait for the RCMP request from your Immigration Office. They send you a special form with your B number on it and the bar code. So, I dont think that you can be proactive here. All i can say, is that it takes about 3 months to get the RCMP processed instead of 5 as they say on their website.
Pack some patience!
Good luck!!!

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simmy if you want to you can go ahead and do your RCMP....
Although it is standard procedure for you to wait for instructions from CIC Buffalo, but there are ways do it and just get it sent from the RCMP to CIC Buffalo.

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