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Subject: When to expect Medicals?
First I should appreciate everyone for posting your queries and prompt replies.
I´m going to apply my PR application this month form under Skilled Worker from US. My current status is PR in US. When can I approximately expect my medicals from Canadian Immigration after submitting the application. is there any website which talks about timelines and priority dates for medicals.
Also Do you see any problem in applying for Canadian PR while I´m on PR in US.
Your replies are much appreciated.

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After submitting your application, granting everything is complete, after about 1 or 2 months, CIC will issue a file number for you. After another 9 to 12 months, CIC will give you your Initial Assessment (IA)..your medical papers will also be sent together with this IA...if your interview is waived then you can go ahead with the medicals, but if you need to be interviewed, you need to know your interview date first before doing the medicals...

I don´t think being a US PR will have a problem..

visit this for link for timelines


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Thanks for this much valuable information.
While this processing is on, can one incorporate their spouse´s application so that spouse can take advantage of my application and save some time.


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