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Subject: Please Share Time line UAE (London)
I am planning to apply Canadian immigration from UAE (London) . pls share the timeline . have applied or got the visa I would be thankful to all of them.
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Imran I think this page would help you. there is somehow info about the london time lines.

what I have seen for middle eastern people it is taking 3 years,I think for Saudi Arabia it is taking more than 3 years and for U.A.E from 2 years to maximum 3 years.
50% of the London cases are finalized with in 24 months according to CIC website and rest of the cases take more.
so wait and patience is required once you file the case,
Wish you goodluck

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Here is my Timeline CIC London

Applied from UAE
Submitted on Oct 22, 2005
AOR on Nov 16, 2005

In the AOR it is mentioned I would hear from CIC London in 36 months time. If all goes well it will be somewhere in year 2008.



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