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  Almost-There, do u mean the date is stamped on the back of the photo. but it is mentioned no stamps on the photo, the instruction is "bear the date the photo was taken directly on the back of photo". could u please tell where u took the photo, if u r in US, because we have been to many places but no one takes pictures exactly of the size mentioned.
Thank you.

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Hi User555:
The date is not stamped on the picture itself, the date is stamped on the back-side of the photograph. It is to prove that the picture was taken recently, and is not out of date.

Nevertheless, the photo insturctions with the PPR does not ask for a date to be stamped at the back of the photo either. The instructions only talk about the size and the back-drop specs. only. As long as you comply to that, it should be Ok.

Again, the size specs. do not have to meet the specs to micro millimeters. If it is reasonable close, it should suffice (+/- 10%).

I live in Canada, and I just went to the local photoshop, and they know what I was talking about, since they apparently take photo´s for Canadian immigration purposes, regularly.

Use your commansense, if the size is a bit off. If it just a bit off, I would say, it should matter much.

Good luck

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Almost-There, Thank you very much for the reply. We have been to Kinkos in the morning and took the photos and cut them precisely to the specifications. Now Iam reading your reply. Thank you very much for the reply.
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