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Subject: family class questions
  - for Q8b on the Application to sponsor and undertaking, if I indicated married at 8a, what do I have to choose for 8b? should I tick No or should I write N/A?

- for Q10, if the sponsor (my wife) was born in Canada, what date should I indicate under "became citizen on"? N/A, blank or date of birth?


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For Q10, I put my birth date for "when became a citizen"

I would need more detail for your other question, i dont have the application in front of me... could you put in the question ?

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for the Q8a they asked the marital status and I indicated married, but at Q8b they ask if I am in a common-law relationship and live together for more than a year. we have lived together for more than a year but we are married so i guess we can´t be in the same time in a common-law relationship. should I tick "No" or N/A?

Financial Evaluation (in reply to: family class questions)
I am going to sponsor mother to canada.I need to complete the financial evaluation form.I have some doubts.
I have to fill the information for the 12 months.In the past i worked for a company and got pay stubs.This one i can fillup under the employed section.

I started working as an Independent contractor for the past 4 months.I have my own incorporated company.I am the only director and owned 100% of the business.I used to get the payment from my client along with GST.suppose if i am getting monthly $5000+GST,how much i have to write ,and which section i have to enter the amount,
whether the self employed or employed section.If i enter in self employed whether i have to write the company name?
I am confused in this matter,please someone help me.

Please tell my Present situation is employed or self employed.


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