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Subject: Photos
I´ve heard some people talk about the specs the pics should have when you send them along with your PP for visa stamping. My question is this, does CIC need these pics in addition to those requested with the main application? I don´t remember very well but I think I was requested like 6 pics for each member of the family.

Thanks in advance

Jose Antonio
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Yes, you need to furnish 3 more most-recent photographs along with the passport and PPR letter.
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Thanks Almost-There,
I just took the last documents requested to CIC this morning (bank accounts update) and the girl told me they are most likely to contact me next week, since my medicals will be due on 11 march 2006; the thing is that I forgot to ask her about the specs for the photos, so do you any one of you all know if these pics shal follow the same specs than those requested with the main application?


Jose Antonio
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