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Subject: IMM 5444, IMM5455
  We are planning to land in Canada next month. We are in US and planning to land by road. I have a few questions
1.IMM 5444 is Application for PR card. Should we fill this.
Should we again pay $50 fee per person for PR card.
If we need to fill this form, we donot know any gaurantor, so whom should we approach in Canada. The gaurantor needs to sign the form (5th page) and sign on back of one photo.
Should this form be filled at port of entry because I know that they take an address at port of entry to send PR card.
We have a friend´s address to give for PR card.
3.IMM5455 Supplementary Identification Form.
Should we fill this form.
This form cannot be downloaded from internet nor ordered from US.
In this case, we have to get it only after landing in Canada.
This may delay the process for applying PR card, we want to come back to US after getting the PR card. We will move shortly.

Please, can anyone share your knowledge about this.

Thank You in advance.

IMM5455 form (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)
where can i get downloable form if IMM5455 form.
adhel espiritu
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IMM 5455 (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)

I would like to request a copy of the application form IMM 5455. Thank you.

Belinda B. Mortera
Good day! Thank you for sending me the forms IMM5444 & IMM5455 I had requested to replace my stolen permanent residence card. But I am very sorry to tell you that while filling-out the Form IMM5455 I didn´t notice that my signature should be in black ink. I signed in blue ink. Will you still consider my application form or can I just request for another one? Please accept my apology. Thank you and God bless!

Luningning Briones
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Toronto, Ontario M9N 1Z3

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we are a discussion forum, not CIC.

send in a new form.

IMM 5455 (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)
Hello all,
I urgently need the IMM 5554 form. Can someone be kind enough to either scan or send it to me?


IMM 5455 (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)
Hi everyone,
i am in desperate need for the IMM 5455 supplementary form to continue the application fot renewal of PR card. Can anyone possibly send the form to me by email?
Would Greatly appreciate it.

IM5455 (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)

Can I get the IM5455 in the CIC office here in Calgary or it must be ordered online or by phone?


Mariel Guina
Need IMM 5455 FORM (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)
I am in need of an IM5455 form. Not sure if its only ordered through the phone only since they is no PDF on the CIC website

cheers !

IMM 5444,IMM5455 (in reply to: IMM 5444, IMM5455)
Hello all, Can you send me forms IMM5455 & IMM5444 for renewal of PR card

Nguyen,thi ngoc Nhung