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Subject: refused to enter
  Hello to all! It seems you are very experienced here. Would you please help me with this, if anyone knows.
While i was visiting Can, i decided to study there. I applied at college and got accepted. The only thing i was missing was my study permit. I was told to go to the States and apply for one. When at the conslulate i was refused to get it(reason was :not a genuine student) and on my way back to Can. i wasn´t allowed to enter. My temporary visitor visa would expire in 3 weeks.( i wasn´t allowed to come back for 1 year)
All this happened 3 years ago. Since then i visited Can again for 3 months and i was ok to enter. My boyfriend is a permanent resident and we would like to get married this year. Do you see any problem when applying for my permanent residence? Is it possible i get a refusal letter and he looses his PR? All this years we were traveling back and forth to spend as much time together as possible and we are a genuine couple.
Thank you to all who would be able to answer my questions!

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He will not lose his PR. He will be required to sponsor you. Your past refusal for your student visa may put some extra onus on you to validate your relationship. You must be living common law for 1 year or be married. There is a option for conjugal but I have yet to hear of anyone being successful under that category. Given your situation, CIC would likely refuse a conjugal application.

Your best chances is a out of Canada application. 2 reason - it shows that you are not using your relationship to remain in Canada, and it also gives you an opportunity to appeal the ruling should it not be in your favour. I think both those advantages would be in your long term best interest - even though it causes temporary separation.

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I applied as conjugal and we got it. We documented all the time we spent together although it didnt total one year non-stop, it was over 2 years if you put it all together.

Keep all proof of the time spent with your partner.

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