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Subject: Cost of Living - Toronto
  Can anyone tell me what will be the cost of living in Missisauga area for a family of 2 adults & 2 children to live in a 2 bedroom rented apartment. i.e., How much income should I need?

How good are job opportunities in GTA, Missisauga for Property Administrator´s position. I am having 6 years experience in the similar field in Middle East. Please advise.

Thanks - Rav

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You may want to check out for property listing. could be useful in researching the job market.

- Max

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you will likely have to work as an assistant until you can Canadianize you license and familiarize yourself with the various legislations that govern the industry. that will mean your starting salary will not be the greatest - but there will be plenty of room for you to improve your situation. Don´t be discouraged by my post, just be prepared.
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Rented apartments in Mississauga in a decent area run about $1500-2000 for a 2-bedroom. It´s less in the outlying areas, but is not usually worth it because the transit system is very limited.

As for jobs, there are opportunities in the city, but it´s with very good reason that the rush hour traffic is in the direction of Toronto in the mornings and towards Mississauga in the evenings.

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Thanks Max, Sharon & Typo for the immediate response.

What would be starting the salary? Like CAD 2500 per month or so. Is it sufficient to run day to day life till my wife finds a job?

She is an Accountant working in a multinational company in the middle east and holding about 8 years experience.

Please advise. RAV

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Suggest you start a new thread or it will get lost here.

Income-wise, it is possible to get by on that, most people learn to manage until they find a decent-paying job.

Your wife will quickly find her accounting background counts for very little unless her qualifications are from North America. She will need to get her papers assessed and write exams for any subjects for which she does not get exemptions.

There´s also this little thing called "Canadian experience" that stands in the way. (Do a search on or on some of the forums for more on that).

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