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Subject: sponsorhip of a spouse

Could you kindly tell me how can we speed up the process of processing of documents in the Embassy (Sposorship of a spouse)
In general it is taking 5.5 months already in general (accepted in Canada - beginning of September and in my country´s office somewhere in the end of September) and in the beginning of October the Embassy asked me to bring my police certificate and my diploma transalted and notraized and now they are keeping silence for 3 months already. Is it o.k.? and Is there any possibility to speed up the process? i mean maybe we should make requests? Please, advise.

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I dont thnk that there is any way to speed up the process. I remember reading somewhere that as long as it has not been over a year, it is not considered delayed in the family class...

good luck

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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, sounds not very optimistic.
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Which Visa office are you being processed at? Have you looked at CIC´s overseas processing times on their website?

Sometimes it´s just a matter of patience. But I also don´t see anything wrong with sending them an email or fax, asking about the status of your file. As long as you don´t do it everyday! Or every week for that matter!

I know how you feel. I´m also going through the same thing. I´ve been waiting almost 8 months now since they started processing my husband´s file.

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Thank you for your message. IT is Kiev, Ukraine office. I looked at CIC site of course and I know that average it takes 6 months in Ukraine office though of course it can be more or less and you are obviously, right, that it is just too hard to be apart and it takes much time. 8 months since they started processing? which office did you apply? I wish you Good luck, Stephanie!
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