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Subject: reply from buffalo
  Hi mountains, issabella, in canada applicants,

I got the following reply from buffalo asking for status of the application.

"A letter is being mailed out today requesting your passport.
Your file is complete." I sent 4 emails asking about the expiry of medicals (Medicals done in Jan 2005) and didn´t get any response for the first 3 and it was depressing. Finally i got the above response. Hope the long wait would be over soon for everybody in the early 2006 group.

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mine is
"Your file is complete. Your application will be reviewed early 2006 for finalization."
any thoughts on this one??

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good news... can y ou please tell us what does your ECAS show ?

medical recieved ?? or still in process ??

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I got the early 2006 response, exactly as in your email in december. This the first time i received the file complete line. You could expect the passport request in the first months of 2006 i hope. At least the first line mentioning "Your file is complete" should be a big relief.
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The e-client still doesn´t show the line medicals received. I have been looking at e-client almost on a daily basis since january 2005!!
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Hi pillai.,
IAm glad that your long wait is over. Its just a matter of hanging on for 7-14 days till you get your PP letter.So when are u giving us a treat.

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can all of you show your timeline please, appreciate a lot
departure bay
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Hi boss,

Glad to see you back in the forum. I would like to believe the wait is over, but would hold my breath until i see the passport request letter.

For departure bay -
applied in apr 2004, initial assessment in dec 2004, medical jan 2005.

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