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Subject: Passport Changed
  Hi there guys,
I just got my request for passport from Buffalo. However my passport expired yesterday and i was gonna apply for one this week. I shall be getting my passport this week however how do i inform buffalo about this new passport and do i have to do that before i send the passport or along with it.

Any help is appreciated

Ali Naqvi
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If I were you, I would attach both passports and send them with a letter explaining that you have renewed the passport and here are both old and new. And please put the visa on the new one.
Don´t worry too much about this, after all you didn´t commit a crime.
good luck

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hey Ali that is a good question ...Now think about it again and again, how can you inform them and send your new passport to CIC office ... mmmm very hard question let me give you some suggestions ....
1. You can hire a pigeon and ask it to take it to the CIC
2. You can call Mr Bush and ask him to send you one of their CIA agents and they can take it the CIC...
3. Or you can hire a taxi driver and hee can take it to the CIC....

Man please you are not a kid, just have a little bit brain, just photocopy the parts which you did for your old passport and send them to the CIC office and explain the situation ...Please do not ask such silly questions .... I am not going to be surprised if another guy comes here and asks " How can I turn on my PC" am I too smart or just an idiot ??? ...Yeash I guess i am an idiot...

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Thanks Anonymous... Hope its not too cold in ottawa..

Ali Naqvi
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Hahahahah Ali ...damn it is really so cold in Toronto so put on youre shorts and T shirt hahahahha...

Good luck

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everybody is stressed , what the hell is going on?
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Just inform them by mail that your passport has expired and u will be getting new one shortly. I had done the same way. When you send it for visa attach both the passports.

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