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Subject: a letter from Buffalo

AOR : March 2005
IA: Waiting

Following is a letter which I?ve recieved from buffalo. I am wondering if anyone has got the same letter like I got..

"Your Application is now waiting to be examined by an officer. Unfortunately, due the large volume of files processed at our office, we have not been able to assess your file as quickly as we had previously anticipated.

You can expect to hear from us again in the coming months. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

What does this letter mean?
Has any anyone experienced the same situation before?


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I have similar timeline..

Application date: Jan 05
IA: waiting

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Tom, When did you apply? did you receive IELTS request?
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tom when did u apply?
Applied Feb.05
AOR March.05

IA?? Waiting

I think ppl who applied in Feb 05 ..can expect IAs in the range of March 06/April 06

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even Nov 04 march 09,2005 aor person like me hasn´t got anything yet!
departure bay
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1).Is this repply in response to your query or you got is unsolicited?
2). What time frame is mentioned on your AOR letter?

I got a reply early January 06 from Buffalo to my email stating 52 weeks in english version and 49 weeks in French version of the same reply. My AOR did not mention any time frame. I applied on 12 Jan 05 with AOR 17 March 05.

As we can see every one has got different response ranging from 36 weeks to 52 weeks to ´coming months´. Lets keep updating each other.

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A week back I got a similiar reply for my email sent to Buffalo Consulate..

Applied on March 2004
AOR in May 2004

submitted all the docs in March...

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