Ready for PPTS ?

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Subject: Ready for PPTS ?
  CAIPS notes received today indicates that the officer who reviewed my file on Dec.12 has noted, "Ready for PPTS"

What does this mean ?

BF´D is Feb 05. But BDEC has a blank in front with Dec.12 as the date. Other desicions seem to be OK.

I Guess PPT stands for Passport. Is PPTS means Passport Stamping?

My Story:
AOR- May 2004
IA- May 2005
Medicals- Jun 2005
In-Canada student applicant

CAIPS notes revealed why my case has been delayed. I´ll post the details later.

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instead of getting caips u should have sent an e-mail or fax to the consulate and asked about the status of your application....caips is a complicated shit...nobody can guide you accordingly

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