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Subject: PPR received with Medicals-What does it mean?
  Hello everybody.

I´m a Jan 2001 application from New Delhi.

I received medical papers last week and i was surprised to see a letter which came with it. It read "As communicated to you earlier, you must forward your Passports after you are through with your medical examinations."

I thought we get a PPR after we are done with the medical formalities!!

So i´m confused and my question is that can i consider the letter as a PPR? If no, then should i wait for the ´Real´ PPR before i forward my PP to CHC?

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why wait, send it
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Anonymous right

dont wait.... just send it lucky guy.


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It is to your best interest to just follow the instructions on the letter. I suggest that when forwarding your passport (after medicals) include a copy of the letter that you received as well as a cover letter.
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If the medical papers are sent with the PPR it means that in case you want to delay the process of getting your passport stamped (for any reason), you will have to get a new set of medicals done. Basically, in this case you will be extending the validity of your medicals by another year if you choose to get your medicals done. It does not mean that you have to get your medicals done necessarily. You can ignore the medical papers and send in you passport for visa stamping in case you are ready for it.

Most of the times I have seen this happen in cases where the date of expiry of the current medicals is really close the date of the PPR. If you send in your passport in such cases, you will have a really short period (less than a 4-5 weeks) within which you have to land. The CIC is just giving you an option of getting a fresh set of medicals done if you cannot land within this short time frame.

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No way, phaedrus
I got the same letter. In single letter they asked medical, rolf and passport, the wording was same happyguy is saying. BUt I had never been asked to get medical done in past. And there was no chnace that they asked and I missed the letter becuase my interview took place in the previous month only.

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Sorry, my bad... I had assumed that the letter happyguy received was the PPR. Apparently it is not. If I am not mistaken again, it looks like that all they are asking for is a copy of the passport - which is standard, happens in all cases. A PPR on the other hand is only issued when a final decision is made on your application and you have to send in your "original" passport for visa stamping. It clearly mentions that your application for immigration has been approved and asks for your original passports with 3 (or 4) photographs.

It is highly unlikely that a "PPR" is issued if you haven´t undergone your medicals even once. I am curious to know what happened in your case Anonymous - did you sent in your original passports as a result of this request and did it come back stamped?

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Thank you guys.

I´ll give you the history of case first -

Application Sent - Jan 2001
Acknowledgement - Feb 2001
Filled up new forms due to changed rules - Jan 2004
REquest for RPRF+New photographs+Medicals - Dec 2005

I never underwent medicals before and this will be the first time and hopefully the last time i´m going for medicals. I´m looking at the medical letter right now and will type the passport related text here as it appears on the letter "PASSPORTS: As you were informed in our earlier correspondence, after you have undergone your medical examination you must forward original valid passports to this office for yourself and each family member for whom you have applied for a visa. Please ensure that your surname is endorsed on your passport. At the same time you must also submit, if you have not already submitted them, any photos or height/eye color information that was requested in that earier correspondence."

Guys your comments Please.....

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My name is Jino Jose. I applied for live in care giver program on 06/06/12 from London. I finished my visa in ln uk so I came to my home country India . I got my medical form and instructions and I did my medical in India on 25/04/13. When I came to India I send my original passport to London CHC
. They didn´t asked my passport but I thought they need my original passport for processing. I conformed by e mail that They received my passport . How I will get PPR? Already they have my passport. Can I expect positive Feed back from embassy???

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