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Subject: CCG Transfer and IA
  When CIC Buffalo tranfers an application to a consulate for further analysis, is this somehow equal to an initial assessment? I see many of us have received this same form letter, which reflects new 2006 CIC procedures on spreading case workloads equally with the consulates.

But the question is whether the transfer, in essence, indicates having passed the initial assessment with enough points?

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Hi richard,

since this is a new policy, no one can really tell but from the past, IA should include an information about your interview, waived or not.

my guess is that probably Buffalo either chose the files based on where you live and then transferred them to the corresponding consulate without assessing.... or

if ever they did some assessment before transferring it is only to the completeness of the forms, if filled out properly etc...I believe it does not reach the pointing system yet...again my guess... :)

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Thanks much, Joe. You´re always very helpful.
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