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Subject: Landing options ??
I´m new to this forum. I live in east coast of USA. I got PR Visa stamp on 19 Jan 06. Could any one let me know I can land anywhere in Canada? I filled in the application form Intended stay in Canada is : Edmonton, Alberta.
Can I land by Air or by road? Once I land in Canada do I need to give Edmonton address to get PR card etc.. or any friends address is fine in Canada?
Thanks in advance.

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as long as you apply under federal skilled worker catagory, you are not bound to land in the cities you specify on your application. You can land anywhere you want in Canada and an address within Canada should be sufficient enough to get your PR card.

hope this helps!

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You can land anywhere in Canada EXCEPT Quebec.

You can land by air or by road - whichever is more convenient.

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Thank you! That means I can land & live anywhere in Canada except Quebec. In that case there is no issues in the feature when I apply for citizenship?
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No, you can land anywhere in Canada except Quebec (I think you can land in QC too but you might have some problems)and after landing you can live anywhere in Canada including Quebec (PQ is Canada too:-))
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