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Subject: Background/Security Checks
Does anyone know how long it takes CIC to get CSIS clearance for applicants from the USA (in Family Class)?
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It really does not matter if in US. The background checks depend on many factors and previous experience tells us that it may take 12-15 months for these checks.

How many countries have you lived in before coming to the US?

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12-15 is exagerated, sometimes it takes 1 month, for most a few months and for many over a year.
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2 weeks for mine. Lived in US, Canada, South Africa
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Thanks. My husband is an American Citizen, he´s lived only in the US. I know it can take a very long time to get them back from some countries. I was just wondering how efficiently the Canadian/US government works together.

Hopefully ours will only take a couple weeks, too.

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I stand corrected my friends... Only if all BG Checks were that fast.

However, I speak from experience. It has been exactly 12 months from everything submitted from my end. Buffalo says it is waiting on BG Checks.

I´m an Indian National and have lived and worked in several countries. Maybe that is something that one needs to consider as well.

I see most of you are US Citizens - I guess they take extensive time on Citizens of countries not in Americas´ and Europe.

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Just out of curosity Expat. How did you find that it took only 2 weeks for your case?

I have never been able to figure when they begin BG Checks. Is it after Medicals or right after IA?

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you can only know that from CAIPS or from CHC letter, 2 weeks though possible theoritically but I donbt it very much as the BG checks are multi step process involving more than one orginistion.
I know some people even took longer than you, I know someone waited 2 years, then needed to go to court and obtained an order to finilise his case within 45 days but that was an exception, so far for the majority its 2-3 months. and the long delays can happen to anyone regardless if their countries and places they lived in, it has to do with what type of checks are done based on the request of CSIS, and why they request a thorough check for someone and not from another is unknown.


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