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Subject: after medical
I have applied to london office from saudi arabia ,I did my medical on 5 th Dec 2005 and already received by lodon HC.please tell me how money months I have to wait more .
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God Knows my friend.

I am also in the same boat, I did my medical on 2nd Dec. on line status said is delivered in London , what will next ...... mystery


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Hi guys,
Can you share your timelines? I am based in the UAE.

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applied in oct 2004, interview on 20 april 2005 ,medical in nov 2005.medical sent on 5 dec.2005.
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Hi there fellas, Well i have applied from UAE as well. I havent not received any response other than AOR. Do u guys know how long does it usually take. Would like to know your timeline Gladiator.

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Normally for KSA ppl it takes about a year and sometimes more and you have to re-do the medicals again.
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that was pretty fast.let us know if u recd your ppr.
saudi arabia

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