Spousal visa valid if separating?

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Subject: Spousal visa valid if separating?
  We came to Canada under the Skilled Worker program (my husband is an engineer), and I have a temporary work permit under the spousal visa rule.

Can anyone tell me if I would lose my temporary work visa if we were separated?

I now have a job (after 8 months), so I could apply to my company to sponsor me if necessary.

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I am confused. were you included in your husband´s original skilled worker application? if so, it is my understanding you have been awarded permanent residency at the same time as he was.

if you were married after he was already in Canada, then he must be sponsoring you... or you are in Canada on your own merits. If you are separating... sponsorship is no longer available to you.

A work permit might be but the job must be HRDC approved and be processed outside the country. There is no sponsorship opportunities for employers. All they can do is offer you a job, where you request a temporary work permit, or you include the offer in your own skilled worker application.

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Thanks, Sharon.

We were married previously before emigrating to Canada. We have not yet been awarded our permanent residency (although the application is in process), so we are currently still on temporary work visas. My husband was given a skilled worker permit (not 100% sure if it was provincial initially, but has been changed to federal for the application). I was included on his application and have thus been given a temporary (spousal?) work permit.

Would I be ordered to leave Canada if anything happened to the marriage?

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OK. so he is on a work permit and you have been included. He has applied for PR status with you as the dependant.

If you are separated at the time of final approval, my understand is that you are no longer part of his application. You would need to go to my 3rd scenario where you apply on your own merits - from outside the country.

if anyone understands this differently... please correct me.

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You are right Sharon.
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