Positive Reply after Interview Rejection?

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Subject: Positive Reply after Interview Rejection?
Hi All,

I am Vipul Patel and applied under skill worker immigration on October,2000. After long time I called for interview on 3rd January,2006. I got 6.00 band in IELTS. The interview has given by me at New Delhi but unfortunately it could not be satisfied by visa officer. She also took small exam for English about 10 minutes. It was successfully cleared by me.

Is there any possibility after Interview Rejection? My e-cas status shown decision made. Our office will contact you consider about your application. What is the time line after decision made?

pl. reply anyone know abut this matter.


Vipul Patel
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Your question(s) are hard to understand. I think there is no chance that visa officer reverses her/his decision after an unsuccessful interview. Was this your question? Sorry if I misunderstood you.


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I am sorry to tell you if you don´t have medical request before decision made, you know the answer
departure bay
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Hi Vipul,

What exactly did the immigration official tell you after the interview was over?

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give us all the detail about your interview and provide timeline with exact dates so that we could predict wats going on with you........So far the signs are not very encouraging.......good luck
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Well mate sorry to mention it, but at the moment from what you have written it seems that you should forget the dream of Canada for at least 4 years ....

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You mention that the exam was cleared by you. However there may be some issues related to English speaking skills.

Without full points on English, how much do you score? It is not that you cannot speak English at all. You may be there, but not fully. If you are strong in other areas; the officer may pass you.

You should have shown keen interest in learning English to the officer, if you knew you are weak in it. I mean it is not a crime not to know English, but when you know you have applied for PR, you should have taken some classes.

Well all is not lost, tell us about your other points and lets figure if you pass or fail.

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