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Subject: File Transfer to Detroit
  Also got a letter from Buffalo on 23 January 2006.
Applied Fed SW Buffalo 28 Dec 04
AOR 15 Mar 05
So after one year of the file sitting on a shelf in Buffalo they sent it to Detroit. C´est la vie. I hope it sees some action now!

"This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada.
In order to expedite the processing of your application,your file has been sent to:
Canadian Consulate General
600 Renaiscence Centre ,Suite 1100
DETROIT ,Michigan 48243-1798
fax 313.567-2125
email -
The Canadian Consulate General in Detroit will complete the analysis of your application and determine if a personal interview with a visa officers is required . Your file number remains the same.
The Canandian Consulate General in Buffalo no longer has your file.You should not send any further documents or correspondence to this office.The Canandian Consulate General in Buffalo will neither acknowledge nor process further correspondence. In the event of a change in your address, marital status or family composition,you must inform the office above.
All further correspondence you receive will be from the office noted above-."

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It seems that you are not the only one...
I think Richard,you and me are in the same boat now...perhaps someone else from the Mar 05 AOR group...

well, hope they will send positive IA soon

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I am hopeful for you
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that´s a relief to know :)
same letter (in reply to: File Transfer to Detroit)
Applied Buffalo 28 Dec 04
AOR 16 Mar 05

I just recieved this same letter yesterday. I
am very concfusing because somebody said it will be easy to ask interview after transfering files to Detroit.
But, many people who have same timeline is trnsfering to Detroit. So is it a good news for quick processing? or another year?

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I got the same letter a few days ago. We are all on the same boat:)
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Everybody who applied between oct 04 and feb05 got their AOR in march. I had to wait for almost 4 months for my AOR.

The files stayed in buffalo for almost a year and it seems all Mar 05 AOR files are being transferred.

Good or bad, god only knows, god being the CIC.

Hopefully, since detroit did not do immigration applications before our turn will come faster. we are among the first in lines.

Alternately, the worst case senario is Detroit office is now mulling over hiring personnels

frustrated LTM
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We are all in the same boat. my file was transferred to Seattle.
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i got the letter today saying my file has been transferred to detroit from buffalo..
AOR... March 2005

what does it mean..??
can someone please guide.....??????

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