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Subject: Harper
Conservatives Win.. Now what?
Increase passmark to >=75?
Freeze application process, return all applications and introduce a brand new immigration system?

Conservatives Win.Now ???
(in reply to: Harper)
with the conservatives, things will get worse to become a permanent resident and even to become a citizen. they will try to elongate the process as much as they can. in few months, we will see hell as immigrants or prosepctive immigrants. i fear they will change the immigration law. i had this expereince in usa with the republicans. i hope i´m wrong.
(in reply to: Harper)
you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. all you are doing is upsetting people. Are you a Canadian? and if you are... have you lived here long enough to understand how our political system works?

if the answer to either of these questions is no... Please be quiet.

(in reply to: Harper)
Sharon is always right

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