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Subject: tourist visa for spouse
  gud day. I am a canadian citizen living outside canada and am planning to return to canada to visit my mother and sister for a vacation. I would like to bring along my wife who still has to apply for a tourist visa. our 1 year old daughter is canadian bec of me. What are the chances of my wife being approved for a tourist visa? also is it true that my wife can stay in canada while waiting for the PR papers? thank you
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you just gave the reason why it will be difficult for your wife to obtain a visitors visa. she has no intention to leave the country at the end of her visit.
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i am from the philippines my husband is a canadian i want to apply for tourist visa coz i just want to visit my husband i really miss him so

much we are just newlywed, and we are planning to have our second honeymoon in canada and visit my husband

parents and realatives, and guaranty that i will leave canada on the end of my stay, wat i am worrying is i dont have

a bank accout or any finances, and dont have a job, my husband supporting me with all my needs, is it possible

that i can still apply for tourist visa, and my husband will cover all my expenses on my stay in canada thanks! hope

you can help me..

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