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Subject: New Government
Hello Friend.

Does that mean that CIC is gonna change with new Goverment


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you can be sure that at this moment in time - your problems are WAY down Mr Harper´s list of things to do. The government will be in power for maybe 2 years before we have to do this all again. We are in a serious minority position which means very little is going to get done without a lot of negotiation.

according to the CBC...

Canada´s next prime minister said his first act in Parliament will be to propose a federal accountability act.

He said this will be followed by his plan to cut the GST, provide a child-care allowance to families, toughen criminal sentencing and establish a patient wait times guarantee.

Hopefully they will begin, or continue, working on your acreditation issues but it will likely be within CIC rather than any sort of legislative changes.

that´s how I see it. Someone would have to present a very compelling arguement to change my mind.

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It always amuses me how people who haven´t lived here, and don´t know or understand the logistics of the Canadian government can make predictions on what´s going to happen.

Take it from those who have lived here their whole lives, we know what we´re talking about.

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Stop talking noncence people, even they change things that will NOT AFFECT ANYBODY WHO SUBMITTED THEIR FILES BEFORE THEY THEY TAKE THE DECISION...

Beleive me such posts here will make those applicants who are waiting for a visa go mad so please stop such posts...No need to create anxiety or problems....

Thanks all

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really, reading this forum is making sick to dead. Not only is adding more anxiety and frustration but its making me feel more desperate... but I totally agree with Sharon, Anonymous 102.63, FWChelle... if only this was this first time I would be fine.
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with the conservatives, things will get worse to become a permanent resident and even to become a citizen. they will try to elongate the process as much as they can. in few months, we will see hell as immigrants or prosepctive immigrants. i fear they will change the immigration law. i had this expereince in usa with the republicans. i hope i´m wrong.
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For all you paranoid folk, here is something you should read:

What the future hold for immigrants:

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Sharon is right

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