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Subject: Applying for work permit after submitting SW
  I have submitted my application under the SW catergory. Today I found an employer who is willing to issue letter to confirm that I would have a job if I land in Canada. I just check on the CHC website in Kuala Lumpur and found the followings as appended below. It clearly states that one would have to ´satisfy a visa officer that one intends to leave Canada after the employment". So...can I still apply for a work permit successfully without affecting my SW application. I weary about calling up CHC Kuala Lumpur to enquire about this, in case it works negatively for my SW application.

This the the requirements state in the website of Kuala Lumpur CHC:

What are the basic requirements for a Work Permit?

To receive a work permit you must satisfy a visa officer that you meet all of the following requirements:

you intend to leave Canada after your employment;
you have been accepted by a Canadian employer and obtained a job offer confirmation (if required);
you will not be a risk to the security of Canada;
you provide all documents requested by the visa officer to assess your application;
you complete a medical examination if you will be working in Canada for more than six months; and
you pay a non-refundable processing fee.
How long will it take to assess my application?
Visit our Processing times page for information.

What documents should I provide to support my application?
A completed Work Permit application;
The appropriate work permit processing fee (see fee schedule);
Two passport-size photographs of yourself and any accompanying family members;
Copy of marriage certificate and/or birth certificate (where applicable). If there is more than one spouse, please identify all of them, and indicate which one is the first spouse;
Job offer or contract;
Job offer confirmation issued by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, if required;

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