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Subject: In-Canada Landing Questions
  I am hoping to complete landing procedure next week, once I receive passports back from Buffalo. I´ve been living in BC for 4 years with my wife and applied for PR while studying here. Could someone who landed at Peace Arch help with following questions I have.

1. What should I bring, except passports and landing form ? Do I need to bring bank statements, photos etc.

2. How long does the process take ? Is there a better time during the day?

3. Do I need to prepare goods-to-follow list at this time? Only thing I have in mind is my wife´s jewellery. I don´t have any photos of those except our wedding photos. We are not hoping to bring them within a year. Is that OK?

4. Do I need bring applications for PR card, SIN card etc ?

5. Is there any other thing I need to know ?

My timeline:
AOR: May 04
AI: May 05
Medical: Jun 05
PPR: Jan 06

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You need the following to complete your landing:

1. Private passport

2. Confirmation of Permanent Residence

3. Proof of funds (Traveller´s cheque, Cashier´s cheque etc)

4. Address in canada (You have 180 days from the day you land to provide a canadian address where the PR card will be mailed to. Otherwise you will have to make a fresh application and pay the appropriate fees)

5. Goods to follow list


expired CSQ (in reply to: In-Canada Landing Questions)
My Quebec certificate is expired and my visa is still valid. I want to know if I can still enter canada as a landed immigrant. Can I eneter at an other destination other than Quebec?
imran rizvi
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I am entering in canada this april as a permanent resident,but I have some commitments with my spouse employer, whether I can come back for a year period.

Mathew Jacob
Landing Services (in reply to: In-Canada Landing Questions)
We are here to help you settle down in this beautiful Country.

Settlement Package

- Airport pickup

- Temporary housing (hotel or apartment) assistance

- Referral to a real estate agent

* SIN (Social Insurance Number)

* Driver?s License

* Bank Account

* We will also be giving you an orientation on life in Canada, what to expect and how to settle down quickly.

Anyone landing in Toronto or have friends or relatives coming to Canad, we can help them.
Our contact email address is:
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Your Service Charges for settlement package (in reply to: In-Canada Landing Questions)
I am planning to Land in Canada by July-09. I initially plan to stay minimum period ( 30 -35 days) to complete all required formalities ( Getting PR / SIN / Opening Bank Account / Getting Driving Licence etc ) and then leave during my initial visit. Further to check possibilty of buying a house .

For that I need to a place to ( Apartment ) to stay with my family .

What are your service charges in offering the services ?

Ramana Kumar
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I am a new immigrant to Canada, and I landed in CA the first time about 20 days ago. And I am leaving within a week to UK for my postgraduate education. I have just heard that the period of my education can be counted as time I stay in Canada. Is this true? And if it is, how can I apply for it?

letter (in reply to: In-Canada Landing Questions)
We are about to land in Canada by March 30, 2010 can we land in Ontario airport as 1st time immigrant?
Jasmin S. Balbastro
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As 1st time Immigrant what are the things we need to bring aside from the travel documents. What I mean things in the house to bring?
Jasmin S. Balbastro
In-Canada Landing Questions (in reply to: In-Canada Landing Questions)
Hi My mother-in-law has a temp visa to stay in Canada and waiting for the PR visa from HK office. DO they have to go back to HK office to get the landing paper or they can land in here? If they can land in here, which office can they get the landing docs done in vancouver? which office is closest and available to do the landing in Vancouver, BC. Thanks!
Transfer of assets from home country (in reply to: In-Canada Landing Questions)
I have landed in ON as landed immigration 6 months before . I want to sell my some of the assets back home n transfer the money in Canada .
What´s the time permitted for new immigirants to transfer Money in Canada without taxes ?

Asghar Jawaid