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Subject: Quota 2006
I have learnt from some sources that because of heavy backlog that was processed by buffalo in Dec 05 - Jan 06 , the quota will be finished by the end of Feb 06.
last years quota finished in June. SO its not a very good news for early 2006 people.


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Sharon what do you think?
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does anybody know what´s the exact quota for Buffalo/year? hundreds/thousands/10,000-30,000?
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I was laughing when you said end of Feb. what happened for the rest of the year... take a long vacation in Hawaii? :P
rumour & gossip are everywhere..... so be carefull when you read. some advise is good and some is bad.

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Aspirant you have started smoking Marijuana before landing Canada!!!!!!
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is this a panicking approach again...
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Trust me, when you received an e-mail saying "early 2006" I guarantee you, you will get the decission IN 2006.
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I dont think that the quota in Buffalo will be finished by the end of Feb 06 BUT it will most probably finish earlier than 2005.

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keep the hope up! :D
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Bufalo will stop processing in February because the quota qill be met.....it is true!

I heard this from my brother´s, cousin´s, sister´s,next door neighbour´s mailman´s, best friend´s ex-college roommate who heard it from guy who knows a guy that has friend whose ex wife read that someone might have said that.

Rumours are great!!!

Quota Man

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