Several Questions for Landing in March

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Subject: Several Questions for Landing in March
  Hello, group,

I was refered by a friend to this group. I am my wife are going to landing in March. Here are my questions:
1. We have a daughter, who was born after we subumit Canadian immigration application. We did not add her in. My daughter is in my country with my parents. Will we be asked for family members when landing? If we will, what is going to happen if we hide we have a daughter fact? ´Cuz we haven´t decided to move to Canada right away. So, We thought when we really settle in Candada, then we apply for my daughter´s immigration. Anyway, she is American Citizen, we could apply for Canadian VISA for her before immigration approved. We do not sure our thought is correct or not. Please advise us!

2. On application form, we put Vencouver as landing city. Can we go to landing in Windsor without officially changing landing location. ´Cus we want to visit a friend in Detroit, then rent a car to Canada.

Thank you in advance!

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1) You should have informed about your daughter during the process. As far as I know if you inform CIC at this stage about the change in your family structure your visa will be cancelled and you will have to fill in new forms. However, if you don?t inform CIC about your daughter you will never be able to sponsor her as your child.
If I were you I would have informed CIC about any change in my family structure.
You are in trouble. Best you can do is to return your visa, inform CIC about your daughter and tell them why you could not add her during the process. You need a valid reason. Apply again with your daughter and wait for the decision and new visas.

2) You can land anywhere you want except Quebec. But sort out your problem first. There is a possibility that after knowing the fact they would simply refuse you entry.

Please wait for others to reply. I am not the expert.

Good luck

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Thank you for suggestion. What about we will never apply for her Canadian immigration. Only i and my wife live in Canada till we become Canadian Citizen. Then we will go back to US. Is it possible we can hide her forever? Any even more problems in the future? I admit we moved a wrong step. Continue the wrong way or correct it? I am hesitated!
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Are you ready to live without your daughter? If yes then go ahead. What if they find out during your stay in Canada? According to my knowledge, in that case your PR status will be revoked.
You are taking a big risk. I would suggest you to consult an immigration lawyer.

Good luck

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Has the PR visa been issued?

You MUST tell the immigration official about your daughter. Its a very simple process to add her to your application. I just cant understand why you dont want to do it.

If in future the Canadian immigration officials somehow come to know about your daughter your PR will be CANCELLED.

Just for your information it will take you approx 5 years to become a Canadian citizen.

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Yes, you certainly appear to be in *** BIG*** trouble!

If I were you, I would not make my next move (including contacting CIC) without consulting a good immigration lawyer.

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the best thing for you is to contact any lawyer , i think there is no harm in telling CIC now and tell them that you were not aware of the fact that you should have added her before the finalization of case. You thought that she is a US citizen and she can come to canada without a visa nad then you thought of applying for her in Canada. Its not gonna be a big trouble if you tell them an excuse like this. It will cost you a month or 2 extra but atleast you will not live with fear after landing and most of all not without your daughter. Be realistic guys, why the hell you did not inform CIC. Anyways you can still inform CIC before you land and fix every thing. Good Luck
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