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  hi guys ,

well my case is like that i applied for immigration for canada from file was rejected beacause i dont have 1 yrs of full time experience, i have 3 yrs of part time the immigration officers are not satisfied with my experience cause at that time i was doing 2 bachelors degree, one part time and other is full time and they rejected after 8 months giveing me only 9 months of experience.

i recieved my letter very late when i clarrified with them then have told me apply with a new application and new fee.

So my question is if i apply once again with all the same documents,will they consider my case or they will rejects my case cause they will see my old file and in that they have already given me only 9 months of exp. not even 1 yr.

So i am thinking to explain briefly or clarify my exp. to them and see what happens.

I need an expert..plz advice...

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keeny i was on student visa now also i am on student visa ,at the time of submitting application i only give letter ,it says that i worked 3 yr part time continues,now i am in big toruble cause they are considering that exp. only 9 months now even 1 yr...

what i am trying to say is that if i apply again and clarify my point of view then they may be undersatnd or i dont have any other option then see what will happen...

sujjest me ur opinion..keny

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You will have to prove that you have atleast 2 years of continuous and paid work experience as 2 years of part time work experience is equivavelent to 1 year of full-time.

The immigration official gave you 9 months of full-time work experience initially. So if you can prove that you have worked another 3 months full-time i.e. 6 months part time since you submitted your application your application should be accepted.

Just getting a letter saying that you worked will not help. You will also have to submit pay stubs, tax returns for the last 3 years showing that you worked and were paid for it.

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