student visa ...applied for SW ,buffalo

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Subject: student visa ...applied for SW ,buffalo
  hi all
I need to clarify a big doubt ..
I have got mt AOR and waiting or the IA ...
in the meant time .. I want to know this..
I am having a valid student visa to canada valid till november 2006.
"should I let the canadian counslate know that I am not using the student visa ? and I am working in USA "

please please do let me know soon
thanks all for the time

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Its always better to let them harm in that!


Safer is Better (in reply to: student visa ...applied for SW ,buffalo)
i m an international student in canada and had applied from buffelo.
i am planing to come usa and work there if it goes like this i will inform them that i m having study permit and got usa work(H1B).

so in short Safer is Better.

do u have H1B to work there?
could u plz help to get that one?

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jus got back from a phone call to buffalo .. they say to send the copy of my authorization ..will see to make it right

sure do ask for any helo am on a H1B

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