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Subject: In process means??
I just checked the e-client status. It says that they started processing the application on January 23rd. Does this mean that they are looking at it now, or is this like standard once you recieve the AOR?


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It´s standard. Get used to looking at it, because you´ll be seeing it for a long time, LOL.

I have 1 entry in my e-cas:

"In Process" --> We started processing your application on xxxxx....

We´ve been through the entire process, got our passport request, and about to land, and it STILL says that, LOL.

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FWChelle is absolutely right....

But there might be other interpretations too.
For example, if you see the status "In Process" it may mean that the Immigration officer has opened your file right at that very moment and is looking at it and working on it. If you see the status "Not In Process" then it means that they are not working on it at that moment, maybe on a tea break or something. But don´t lose hope, you can check again and if it says "In Process" it means they have got back from the break and are looking at your file again.
Most of the time they are always working on your file, so its good, but historically they tend to keep looking at the file for a couple of years before they decide what they want to do with it.

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Ummmmm LOL OK....

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